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December 15, 2011

Marketing Musings

Now that's worth it!

Lesson learned – *always* have a call to action. *Always* make your call to action relevant, interesting, dare I say it – DESIRABLE – to your target audience.

Quick and dirty, here’s how I learned said lesson. I mean, aside from reading about it, and sort of seeing it work in practice over and over again … this is a more of a what-were-you-thinking sort of lesson.


QR codes are cool. The sort of cool where I got a smartphone *just* so I could scan codes. I mean, I use my smartphone for everything and especially social marketing, but really, when I’m most in touch with my geeky core, QR codes were the deciding point.

I talked my illustrious employer into adopting QR codes into all the print marketing. Just in case they actually performed in any way,  a way for us to look like we’re ahead of the curve, and when QR codes actually catch on, then we’re already in the habit.

Then a fellow web geek calls up and invites us to participate in a QR study to track how much QR codes are actually used. Oh ya, I’m so in.

And we do.

And a few weeks later I take a peek at what’s happening with a couple codes we have running around and I get a TON of scans on a contest we’re running, and a measly handful on an ad we’re running.

Side by side, now, I see what we did wrong with the oh-so-cool QR codes. The contest *required* people to scan to enter the contest. The ad just had a code tucked into the corner for convenience.

Again I say it – what was I thinking???

And so – the lesson here is as I mentioned in the beginning. *Always* have a call to action. *Always* make the action worthwhile for your target audience.

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