Target Marketing Makes People Happy

January 4, 2011

Marketing Musings

Yesterday, I noticed Google had one of those unique banner logos that they like to do for odd holidays. In passing, I considered how nice and festive it looked, and casually wondered what other holiday was now occurring so soon after the big Christmas and New Year holidays. Then later I realized – OH, it’s for ME.

I am both old and young enough that the anniversary of my birth doesn’t tend to be a big deal, but I have to say I felt a childishly giddy inside when I figured it out.

There’s some controversy concerning target marketing and that fine line between presenting useful content and invasion of privacy. But you tell me … wouldn’t you feel just a little bit more special if a world giant company made a little something for you on your birthday?



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One Response to “Target Marketing Makes People Happy”

  1. Ruth Ferris Says:

    See everyone wants to help you celebrate!


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