Plug and Play Marketing

November 1, 2011

Marketing Musings

Need a marketing plan? Think big picture and start with some plug and play questions:

  1. What is your goal? This may be the most difficult question to answer. There’s long term goals and short term goals. Start with a long term goal, then break it up into short term term goals to use as steps to the bigger picture. Remember that old adage “Be careful what you wish for”. Whether your goal is to inform the public, collect prospects, or close sales, be as specific as possible. Best here if you also include dates  – when to start, and when to finish.
  2. Who are you trying to reach? Take heart, no one knows your customers like you do. You’ve got what they need, you know their habits and personalities. The better you define who you’re reaching out for, the easier it is to define the next steps in your marketing plan.
  3. Where do you find them? Consider all your typical channels: newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, the Internet, social media. Your message spreads more effectively when you know where they go for information, and what times they tend to look for it.
  4. How will you attract them? Well, certainly, make an offer they can’t refuse. But don’t go all crazy trying to manage all the different ways you can sweeten the deal. You’ll wear yourself out trying to juggle all the different if’s and then’s, and worse, you’ll confuse your targets into just wandering away. Pick one good special, one deal for each short term goal, and focus all your attention to the end of that campaign. Then pick back up with something else for the next step towards your long term goal.
There. You’re done.
Now go do it.
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