Better Together

October 1, 2012

Marketing Musings

I had an absolutely inspiring week at the office, just  brainstorming and talking about campaigns, and I made a pact with another blogger that we would pick up where we left off and keep each other going.

We made a light schedule to blog for each other, and made commitments to watch for relevant articles on our personal blogs and share when appropriate. It started with just a casual conversation about wishing we wrote more, and what should we write about, and well, that was easy, let’s just schedule it on the calendar.

And it occurred to me that it’s been a really good week of partnering all around.

I made a point of checking in with the sales executive to discuss a project. Just going in to update her on the status of one thing always leads into new ideas, and reinvigorates the project.

In customer service, we commiserated about having to transfer certain calls to other departments or other businesses, and wished there was a better way to capture more sales opportunities. Even though we know we’re all on the same team, it is easier to offer a consistent, high quality standard of service, if we have control over the experience from start to finish. It lead to a better definition of which departments are best for a given type of call, and figuring a new solution to keeping more of the calls within our team.

In the end, it was proven time and time again, we are better working together. Whether it’s two people in the same team, or two teams in the same business, or two businesses in the same market – we all have a variety of skill sets that can build on each other for mutual success, if we chose confidence, transparency, and good will.

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