Because Marketing Wants It

June 8, 2010

Marketing Musings

The company newsletter (for customers) has featured new employee biographies for … well, ever. It includes a nice portrait and short paragraph about where they came from, what their college degree it, what job they’re walking into and maybe their hobbies or something personal.

blah blah blah.

Sorry, D. I know you love these blurbs. But, really? Hobbies? This investigative reporter says …who cares?

So a few months back when we revamped the newsletter format, and Old School insisted that we include the new employee profile, I swallowed my personal preferences and decided instead of resisting tradition, make it into something really cool.

Enter, the Flip camera. I talked the hapless newbie into doing a video interview for the newsletter.  She agreed! (Whew, that was a gamble). She was great! We talked about what she did at the company, what kinds of experience she’s had so far with the customers, how she’s learning the product to be a better service to our customers, etc. Now that, I like. Nice and work related. All about the customer and what we do for them.

Trimmed it down to a nice 4 minute conversation. Grabbed a screenshot for the email, linked it to the online article, and it was a hit!

Next month, talked the next newbie into a video interview – a software programmer. Same thing … talked about what he did at the company, how he’s learning the product and to be a better programmer. Worked with customers? Not so much? No biggie. It’s still about a smart guy programming the product that our customers use.

Second newsletter … this video snagged more clicks than the top headline article. WOW. Now I’m hooked.

Now about the send the third month including a third interview. Another trainer, like the first month. But he keeps asking … does he have to?  Yes, you have to. Why? Because Marketing wants it. So he does and I am elated and relieved at the same time. I know I can’t make someone do something they don’t really want to. But I didn’t back down. Why? The CUSTOMERS want it.

Can’t wait to see the clicks on this one next week.

P.s. This last interview was captured by a Kodak Zi8 with an external Olympus ME 32 mic. Love the software, love the sound. Way better than the Flip. The Flip was easy to use and has a marginally better on-screen interface, but I’m likin’ the Kodak. And no, no one pays me to say that. My day job bought it on sale online.



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